Illini Esports is the premier student organization for esports at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, catering to both the competitive and casual gamer.
What makes Illini Esports?
Illini Esports is a place where everyone is welcomed, accepted, and respected.
Illini Esports is a place where everyone has an opportunity to learn and practice their craft.
Esports & Gaming Focused
Illini Esports specializes in video games, esports and gaming culture.
Community Driven
Illini Esports understands that the community is King.
Commitment to Quality
Illini Esports is always looking for new ways to improve. We constantly challenge ourselves to learn, adapt and innovate.
IE members are serious about their game.
IE members are focused on achievement, constantly looking for opportunities to become champions of their community. A champion encompasses all things that a community stands for.
IE members are committed to improvement. They are willing to accept the time, work and self-criticism that is necessary to become the best versions of themselves.